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  • Production Technology of Carbonate in low-carbon life and Its Application in Electrolyte (2021 Industry Conference Report)[2021/11/15]
  • Technical progress of dimethyl carbonate production by ethylene oxide and its influence on industry (report of industry conference in 2020)[2020/10/27]
  • Research and Application of New Catalysts for Transesterification to Synthesis of Methyl Ethyl Carbonate and Diethyl Carbonate (Report of 2019 Industry Conference)[2019/9/28]
  • Introduction to Continuous Production of Dimethyl Carbonate Unit (Report of 2019 Industry Conference)[2019/9/28]
  • A New Type of Catalyst Applied to Dimethyl Carbonate Production by Transesterification (Paper of 2019 Industry Conference)[2019/9/28]
  • New Progress in Urea-based Propylene Carbonate Production (Papers of 2019 Industry Conference)[2019/9/28]
  • Study on New Catalysts for Transesterification (Report of 2018 Industry Conference)[2019/7/28]
  • Simulation of Reactive Distillation Process for Synthesis of Dimethyl Carbonate by Transesterification (Report of 2017 Industry Conference)[2019/7/28]
  • Preparation of Propylene Carbonate from Urea and Propylene Glycol Catalyzed by High Efficiency Ionic Liquid Catalyst (Report of 2016 Industry Conference)[2019/7/28]
  • Talking about the Development of Dimethyl Carbonate Industry (Report of 2016 Industry Council)[2019/7/28]
  • Study on Production Process of Synthesis of Diphenyl Carbonate by Transesterification (Report of 2014 Industry Conference)[2019/7/28]
  • Fully Automatic Plate and Frame Filter Press Successfully Used in Dimethyl Carbonate Production by Transesterification (2014 Industry Conference Report)[2019/7/28]
  • Discussion on Development Direction of Dimethyl Carbonate Technology by Transesterification (Report of 2013 Industry Conference)[2019/7/28]
  • Analysis and Practice of Energy Saving in Dimethyl Carbonate Production (Report of 2013 Industry Conference)[2019/7/28]
  • Enlargement Practice of Propylene Carbonate Reactor (2012 Industry Conference Report)[2019/7/28]
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