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  • 20¡¢Separation device of ionic liquid catalyst for producing methyl ethyl carbonate (CN211963110U)[2021/6/9]
  • 19¡¢Production device for refining pharmaceutical grade 1,2 propylene glycol from industrial grade 1,2 propylene glycol£¨CN202020239791.4£©[2020/10/18]
  • 18¡¢Separation device for polyester alcohol products in dimethyl carbonate production by ester exchange method£¨CN201922073896.7£©[2020/10/18]
  • 17¡¢Ionic liquid catalyst synthesizing device for producing dimethyl carbonate by ester exchange method£¨CN201922073897.1£©[2020/10/18]
  • 16¡¢Ionic liquid catalyst separation device for producing dimethyl carbonate by ester exchange method£¨CN201922073892.9£©[2020/10/18]
  • 15. A separation control device for a catalyst for co-production of methyl ethyl carbonate and diethyl carbonate (CN201920396867.1)[2019/7/28]
  • 14. A joint production device of dimethyl carbonate and methyl ethyl carbonate (CN201920188854.5)[2019/7/28]
  • 13. A reaction device for producing methyl ethyl carbonate and diethyl carbonate by transesterification (CN201920088211.3)[2019/7/28]
  • 12. A refining and control device for electronic grade vinyl carbonate (CN201820218030.3)[2019/7/28]
  • 11. A dimethyl carbonate steam and steam waste heat utilization device (CN201721615495.4)[2019/7/28]
  • 10. heat comprehensive utilization device for dimethyl carbonate process and diphenyl carbonate process (CN201520787801.7)[2019/7/28]
  • 9. Device for Recovering Azeotropes from Diphenyl Carbonate Process in Dimethyl Carbonate Process (CN201520787802.1)[2019/7/28]
  • 8. A device for producing diphenyl carbonate and recovering dimethyl carbonate (CN201520653358.4)[2019/7/28]
  • 7. A device for separating and controlling propylene carbonate products from urea and 1,2- propanediol (CN201520644821.9)[2019/7/28]
  • 6.A reaction device for preparing propylene carbonate from urea and propylene glycol (CN204474557U)[2019/7/28]
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